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Children’s Prison Arts Project

The mission of Children’s Prison Arts Project is to expose youth in correctional facilities to an innovative, educational, creative writing, theater and visual arts forum where they can express their thoughts and visions in constructive ways. Their “Art Behind Walls” award winning art program for incarcerated youth was supported with a recent grant, thus helping to ensure its future.

Two Hearts art piece done through the Children's Prison Arts Project Feeling Blue stylized art piece done through the Childrens Prison Arts Project.

Reading Works, Inc.

Located in Albuquerque, NM, Reading Works strives to empower adults with literacy and language skills needed to participate effectively in work, civic life, and community. A recent grant provided funds for the "Self-Sufficiency through Literacy" program, specifically for materials for adults literacy learners.

Two adults sitting at a table reading at a Reading Works literacy program.

The Urban Mission, Inc.

The Urban Mission helps instill confidence and dignity in the youth of Oklahoma by providing emergency and long term family services. A grant from the Kerr Foundation allowed for the increase of the number of children served in Urban Mission’s Back-to-School Program by 650 children.

Two young children holding up various books they received through The Urban Mission.

Zoe Institute, Inc.

Zoe Institute’s mission is to improve quality of life of individuals through education, life skills training and humanitarian relief efforts. This is accomplished by providing a place where individuals can come to learn that they are valuable; where they can be supported, encouraged, mentored and educated. A grant from The Kerr Foundation grant provided funds for the completion of the kitchen at Tahlequah Day Center for the Homeless, which serves homeless and near homeless clients on a daily basis.

The completed kitchen at Tahlequah Day Center for the Homeless.

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